Welcome to Up and Coming Bands

This Site is dedicated to a the local bands out there with the talent but not the rescources to take it to the next level.
Beyond the love to play all bands want to be able to eventually make some sort of a living off of their talents and reach a larger fan base.
This Is were we come in!

What we offer:
Web-hosting for your site with unlimited space and bandwidth
Streaming Audio and Video Support
Help with web-design and administration
Search engine submission
The Store

The website is great, but a store?
Most bands would love to have tshirts and other apparel for their fans but can't afford to get them made and hold the stock hoping the are sold. We offer print on demand technology for all our apparel. Your band will never have to pre-order anything, ever. All ordering, printing, shipping, and customer services are included at sign up. You just need to design your apparel and upload the prepared images.

Your band will have its own real website, a clothing line, what more would you need?
To reach people you have to have the music go with them. This means you need albums, cds. Again this is were we come in. You no longer need a label to produce high quality cds for your fans. With our print on demand technology you can have real albums for sale at your store, not that burned stuff. But wait this is better than a label, NO ONE but you determines what songs go on your albums, you have true freedom of talent, something the labels will never give you.

Got your attention?
$50 USD - Setup-Fee
$20 USD - Hosting and Support fee recurring monthly

Simply put its month to month. If you feel we no longer meet your bands needs then contact us and we will promptly remove all of your data to protect your bands material and close down your store.

All interested should email: admin@upandcomingbands.net